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so here we go. today was a busy day. nintendo came out with their stuff (ZombiU!), and i worked a lot (yay?), but i ain’t gonna focus on that stuff today. nope…today i’m gonna talk music (cause, of course, it’s a topic i like talking about). 

if you’ve been following the hip hop universe over the past couple of days, you’ll know that there’s been a little beef thingy going on. this past weekend, NYC’S Hot97 had their annual Summer Jam, and the headliner of the concert was supposed to be Nicki Minaj.


BUT…here’s what happened. radio personality (and hip hop squares host) Peter Rosenberg took the stage early in the event and said something to the effect of “she ain’t real hip hop” blah blah blah blah blah….moments later, Lil Wayne tweets out that the whole Young Money crew (such a dumb name), which includes Minaj, WON’T be performing at Summer Jam.

ok….now for my take on this…


first…let’s take Minaj’s side…. seriously…if you can’t handle someone disagreeing with your music…then WHY YOU MAKING MUSIC IN THE FIRST PLACE? if you’re that butt-hurt by a snide comment from a radio personality, then you really don’t deserve to be as big as you are. Rosenberg only said what lots of people think. has Minaj even searched twitter with her name and “wack” in the same string? try it…you’ll see.

so being insulted and then further more disappointing YOUR fans by leaving them hanging is, in reality, just your ego getting in the way. heck…if she wanted to prove Rosenberg wrong, she shoulda got on stage and PROVE to him that she is “real hip hop”. and she’s perfectly capable of doing that…..ahem…just not with that Starships thing…

now secondly….Rosenberg….now while i DO agree with this guy…and while i AM a fan of his (he is, admittedly Tribe’s BIGGEST fan)….and while he generally is smart about when to say what….he TOTALLY picked the wrong time to say this thing. really…he did. he coulda said it on his show. he coulda said it on hip hop squares….he coulda said it in a tweet. but to say it in front of thousands of Minaj fans was kinda messed up.

BUT….here’s the kicker..i’m still siding with Rosenberg on this one. in hip hop history, there’s been NUMEROUS times of people beefing in the middle of a show. Biggie and Pac at The Source awards….KRS One throwing PM Dawn off the stage…..heck…even Posdnous and Treach from Naughty By Nature going at it. talking crap is what makes hip hop so fun to watch, listen, and be a part of. Rosenberg was playing the game.

and if you’ve followed his arch, he came up from the underground, college radio sector. in fact, i ain’t surprised he said something like that. he SHOULD be saying stuff like that. Minaj (and the rest of that Young Money thingy) shoulda laughed it off, and said, “really Rosenberg? aight….bet….” and take the stage and get THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE on their back….the audience was there for them!

what better way than to make Rosenberg look like a jerk?

but no….they took the easy way out and had a hissy fit.

do i think Rosenberg should apologize? nah. there’s no reason to.

as for this whole “real hip hop” stuff….look…as someone who mourns the death of the “backpacker” (i swear, i met some kids who don’t know what that means), the term “real hip hop” doesn’t mean anything anymore. back in the late 90s and college i used to think that “my” hip hop i listened to and loved (Tribe, Common, The Roots, De La, Gang Starr, etc….) was the “real”. they weren’t flashy. they didn’t that whole “make you want to dance” thing. looking back, you can make the argument that they were faker than Puff and his whole Bad Boy crew.


because didn’t hip hop start in the 70s and evolve from disco…..the king of all dance genres?

you see where i’m getting at? if there’s one thing i learned from being a music minor, it’s that everyone has their tastes….everyone has their idea of authenticity. but even during the classical period of music, some of the composers who took the biggest risks, were REALLY far left and REALLY pushing their music. does that make them any less “real”?

i highly doubt it.

so the lesson of all this mumbo jumbo, is that we got two sides arguing over nothing. it’s just music. Rosenberg shouldn’t have been so adamant about what HIS idea of hip hop is, while insulting the headliner on stage. And Minak (and Lil Wayne), shoulda just swalllowed it and gave everyone there a good show.


…..Minaj is still wack as hell.


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