day 1666

such a busy monday. the weekend kinda ended too prematurely, but whatever…the quicker i get through this week, the better. pacquiao is fighting on saturday and all should be good. but first…gotta get through the week. 

i’m so tired right now. last night i went to bed late. the celtics-heat game was fun to watch…and then i got caught up in editing stuffs. but i also went to bed late cause my neighbor…my neighbor is just LOUD. i’ve already been over there politely asking to keep it down. it worked for a while, but for whatever reason…..i dunno…she talks kinda loud. and she seems always have bass bumpin music playing at odd hours.

whats funny is that last night, i think she was arguing with her boyfriend, husband, or somebody. and it was pretty funny. i heard the entire thing. i think they were arguing over food. basically she was mad that he wasn’t eating something that she keeps buying every week. she got mad cause he didn’t tell her to stop buying the particular food or item.

and then it escalated. her whole thingy was “you only say something when i get mad!” that was basically the gist of her argument. him? he barely could get a word out without her interrupting him.

eventually, it ended with a slamming door, the turning off of their stereo (they were listening AND discussing KRS-ONE), and silence.

and then i slept.

folks, tis not like i got razor thin walls over here. i mean my other neighbor is dead silent, and THEY got a little baby girl!

i just find it hilarious how arguments start sometimes. she obviously was really frustrated. so far, as i’ve been here, i haven’t heard a peep. but man, if this continues, i think i’m gonna have to start to “get even” and play some mean tricks.

in the meantime, it’s monday night…i need to relax…the week is 1/5 almost done.


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04. June 2012 by kevbo
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