day 2349

ya’ll see the new Air Jordan XX9? hmm………  Continue Reading →

18. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2348

i feel like everyone should have a fall-back “show-off” talent / skill. not only are they great icebreakers and conversation starters, they’re also great at helping you apply laser-like focus to the whole process of trying to learn the skill.  Continue Reading →

17. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2347

ok….lemme preface all of this with “this is not an old man rant….but it kinda is an old man rant.” take this as me just remembering my time when i was younger. but today, i was reading an article about the social habits of high school kids. and it said that most high schoolers have a smartphone or similarly connected device and (surprise surprise) use it all the time. i started thinking about what my high school life woulda been like if i had a smartphone…..  Continue Reading →

16. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2346

rain. i guess it makes sense on a day like this. one year ago bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. such a sad time. it’s good though to see how much the city has bonded together and pulled through. but yeah….living in a big city myself, it’s scary to think of what could happen on any given day.  Continue Reading →

15. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2345

hmm…….so… do we all feel about digital assistants? meaning……them voice dealies…….i’m talking about Siri…..Google Now…..and the new kid on the block…….Cortana…..from Windows. does anybody use any of this stuff? i’m gonna wager… i mean..most of my friends, i dont think, use em. i almost NEVER see anybody on my daily commute use these voice services. i think one time i saw a buddy call a number using Siri and that was pretty much it.  Continue Reading →

14. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2344

boy am i pooped. what an active day. didn’t really sleep last night. it was like 4am or so by the time i slept. and then i woke up early to head out to palm sunday mass. maaaan….so many people. after the long mass….my day was just getting started…check it out.  Continue Reading →

13. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2343

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Continue Reading →

13. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2342

it’s that timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!!!! fight night is tomorrow! pacquiao versus bradley…..part 2!  Continue Reading →

11. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2341

so……..have ya’ll see this HEARTBLEED bug thingy? don’t know what that is? well i don’t either…..well…i kinda do…its about websites that use OpenSSL and blah blah blah. basically in a nutshell, once again, your passwords and info can be compromised. and if you’ve been following the “media”, you’re probably scared…..the world is over.  Continue Reading →

10. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2340

man what a sad morning. and to think, just a few days ago he became a hall of famer. i woke up today from a text from a buddy saying that the Ultimate Warrior passed away. dang. and it’s not like he was a hero of mine growing up or anything…’s just…..weird hearing about folks from your youth….well…..die.  Continue Reading →

09. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2339

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. another really tiring day. and i got tennis in a few…and i have no idea how i’m gonna have the stamina but eh…..can’t NOT play tennis right? right?  Continue Reading →

08. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2338

NEW ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let’s review shall we?  Continue Reading →

07. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2337

so i got back from tennis where i broke a string but still won. yeah i’m amazing. ha. anyhoo….here i am watching the wrestlemania 30 stream. yeah…i don’t really follow this thing, but eh…i ain’t doing nothing. i like the Yes Yes Yes guy.  Continue Reading →

06. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2336

huzzah! everytime i see Captain America i get all patriot and whatnot. just got back from watching the brand new Captain America movie…and it’s official. i like it. while i enjoyed the first one greatly (and his theme song), i wasn’t disappointed with this one either. Mr. America is officially my favorite from the Avengers. why? because he’s the honest one. used to be scrawny. and isn’t a jerk. while Thor is cool and the Hulk is great….and Iron Man is the hip one…..Captain America is the integrity. and that’s whats cool about him  Continue Reading →

06. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2335

finally……the week is over. i can relax. i feel like lately i’ve just been all over the place. working on all day. coming home….eating….then going out for tennis or dinner or whatever. very seldom i get a night where i can do…..nothing. and tonight? tonight is the night of nothing…  Continue Reading →

04. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2334

yes i am old enough to remember the “late night” wars on tv. in the early 90s..when Johnny Carson was about to call it quits, the rumor mill was all a tizzy over who would take his chair. while Carson pretty much “blessed” Letterman… was Jay Leno that was granted the spot. and thus began “the war.” yeah…..i remember.  Continue Reading →

03. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2333

yowzer. so the initial reaction to my philippines video has been quite interesting. they range from “how the heck did you do that?” to “yo….that was good” to my favorite………  Continue Reading →

02. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2332

ok…here’s the lesson for the day….never drink a giant banana milk shake before playing tennis. gaaaaaaaahhhhh……  Continue Reading →

01. April 2014 by kevbo
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day 2331

the question of the day is………does karma REALLLLLY exist? don’t ask why i’m asking this….i’m just asking. folks out there…have you ever done something bad and then years down the road that same bad thing happened to you? karma?  Continue Reading →

31. March 2014 by kevbo
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day 2330

what a windy, stormy, rainy, ugly day. i guess it’s perfect for the movie i just got back from watching: NOAH. yeah that’s right…i saw Noah. i probably was the youngest person in the theater (thats what happens when you treat your mom to the sunday special), and well…i did hear some snoring. but..i’m gonna assume that it wasn’t because of the movie…and more because of the darkness.  Continue Reading →

30. March 2014 by kevbo
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