day 2472

evil people suck. they really do. and to think that i’d like to believe that all people can be turned…but dagummit…some folks are just beyond help. i’m looking at you, Isis. word has just come out that they’ve beheaded an american journalist….  Continue Reading →

19. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2471

how come in movies it’s almost always the butler that’s the guy that provides the most wisdom to the main character….the butler is almost always the guy that tries to bring the most sense to the situation at hand…almost always saving the day.  Continue Reading →

18. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2470

what an incredibly, incredibly boring day. not that i’m complaining. it’s a been awhile since i’ve absolutely nothing on a sunday. but that’s what i did today……nothing.  Continue Reading →

17. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2469

so the sports news right now is being dominated by this little league world series….and this girl pitcher, Mo’ne Davis from Philly…pitching a shutout yesterday. yo…that girl is good. i won’t deny that. i’d probably only be able to hit her ball if i had a tennis racquet.   Continue Reading →

16. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2468

uh….so i got “attacked” today on the subway. ok….i’m exaggerating. but it was still an interesting moment nonetheless.  Continue Reading →

15. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2467

ya know as much as it sucks getting older, there are some certain benefits that i am kinda looking forward to. one is making kids younger than me shut the hell up. case in point, i just got off the tennis court where stupid me forget to charge my ball machine, so i only got an hours worth of drills (though i met a new guy to hit with), and i just watched a duo of a old guy in a polo and jeans and an old fat guy with no shirt on, beat 2 youngins who looked like they were in college, in a doubles match.  Continue Reading →

14. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2466

feel. so. full. i ate a late lunch today at the mighty Chipotle……..5 hours ago or so…and i’m still full. debating if i want to just munch on a salad before bed or something like that…blegh…  Continue Reading →

13. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2465

amazing how one event can turn the world upside down. last night word broke that Robin WIlliams had apparently committed suicide at the age of 63. such a heart. as we all know, pretty much EVERYONE grew up with Robin Williams…mister funny man. everyone has a favorite moment, scene, tv show, or movie. and today, we learned more about who this guy was and just how kind he really was to everyone in the comedy community and in hollywood.  Continue Reading →

12. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2464

firstly let’s get this out of the way. i’m all for charitable dealies. charity is a good thing. it’s almost never not (weird sentence there but….whatever). what i question though is “raising awareness.” YA’LL know what i’m getting it…. (cough ice bucket cough).  Continue Reading →

11. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2463

yes there’s a supermoon. we know. i ain’t even going to try to take a picture of it cause i know that my picture will just look like some kind of weird light blob in the dark sky. no detail whatsosver….just like everyone else’s pictures. don’t bother.  Continue Reading →

10. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2462

so i had a choice to watch the new TMNT movie….i said “HECK NO!” so instead, saw Guardians Of The Galaxy. thanks god i made that choice instead.  Continue Reading →

09. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2461

so i dont know about you, but when i was younger, i used to always make fun of my parents when they couldn’t remember all of our names or couldn’t easily remember a shopping list or couldn’t remember what they were just telling me. in fact, my parents used to always let me remember the stuff they needed to remember because my “brain was good.” a part of me, stupidly, always just associated their forgetfulness with the fact that they weren’t born in the US.  Continue Reading →

08. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2460

hmm….maybe waking up early isn’t that bad. had to wake up super early today cause i was doing an early shift. despite the fact i was super tired the entire day…i was able to go home earlier…and actually play some afternoon tennis….and then some pork chops for dinner. with PLENTY of time to spare….  Continue Reading →

07. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2459

ya know what i miss? renting video games. no no…..not gamefly. i mean…going to blockbuster on a friday night…..looking at the games they had available….and renting the game….and then seeing how far i can get in the game before having to return it on sunday night (at least that’s how i think it worked). heck….i even miss actually going to the store to return the dang game.  Continue Reading →

06. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2458

so even before calling it a night last night, it popped into my head that we live in a very angry world (see: the Middle East)….and then i kept going with that line of thought and realized that there are some great movies of folks that are just plain angry. one of my favorites is Falling Down with Michael Douglas. you may remember this gem from 1993:  Continue Reading →

05. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2457

so last night was stupid. shouldn’t have stayed up so late. didn’t really sleep last night and now…i’m paying the price.  Continue Reading →

04. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2456

gah. back hurts. just got off the tennis court. so today, i thought i broke my tennis ball machine. i was scared for a moment….  Continue Reading →

04. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2455

yay saturday. although i was on vacation earlier this week, for some reason i didn’t mind being off again so quickly.  who am i to complain right?  Continue Reading →

02. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2454

ya know as much as i love listening to music and hearing great sounds….and as much as i hate the thought of losing my hearing (versus….say losing my sight), a part of me is beginning to appreciate silence a bit more. i mean, i’ve always appreciated it……i’d like to think i’m more of a “focused listener” than anything else, but maybe living in a world without sound wouldn’t be so bad.  Continue Reading →

01. August 2014 by kevbo
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day 2453

ok this is really annoying…but ever since vacation, i’ve been accidentally biting my inner lip when i eat. it’s happen so many times since last week that it’s freaking annoying and downright painful. i’d be eating…munch munch munch..and then OWIE…straight down into my bottom, inner lip. and it would bleed. in fact, it just happened again as i munched on a salad.  Continue Reading →

31. July 2014 by kevbo
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