day 2443

today i treated myself to some mcdonald’s french fries. large size. it was almost 3 bucks. eff ya’ll…i feel like mcdonald’s french fries have the best fries out of all the fast food places. all them chemicals in it must make it so addictive and tasty. but whatever….haven’t had them in awhile so i figured i’d splurge.  Continue Reading →

21. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2442

GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! it was SOOOOOOOO close to being in…but it was out. all i wanted was that one point, but i barely hit it out. what happened?  Continue Reading →

20. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2441

knees killing me. another “just got off the tennis court” kinda night. who knew you can actually microwave a hot dog? hmm….aint too bad. yes. that was dinner.  Continue Reading →

19. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2440

and here we are…..summer is pretty much over and that’s it. sigh.  Continue Reading →

18. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2439

so much craziness in the world. missile takes out a commercial airplane. israel marches into gaza. hmm….ya know the only thing that can save the world now is aliens…  Continue Reading →

17. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2438

so recently i bought a video stabilizer for my camera from amazon…..i got a cheapie one…ya know….cause i’m cheap. it came yesterday and i spent the entire night trying to figure out how to use it. gahh……this is why i hate shooting.  Continue Reading →

16. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2437

let’s get this out of the way real quick…the first album i ever bought with my own money was Weird Al’s Off The Deep End in 1992. i was 11 years old, and i thought the Smells Like Teen Spirit parody (aka Smells Like Nirvana) was genius. in fact…i had no idea that it was a parody of an actual song…for a LONG time i had thought that Weird Al’s song was an actual song….or maybe i thought Nirvana’s song was Weird Al’s song?? hmmm…anyhoo….Off The Deep End will forever hold a special place in my heart just because it was the first musical investment i ever made.  Continue Reading →

15. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2436

so full. just ate some fish and veggies and now…..we wait until the 24: Live Another Day FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited. here’s my official prediction of what i think will happen (SPOILER ALERT!!)….  Continue Reading →

14. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2435

a bizarre incident on the road today. while driving on the highway, i passed by a guy who was sitting on the middle divider…balancing himself narrowly between the two sides of traffic…and he was just sitting there.  Continue Reading →

13. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2434

a nutella pizza? could there be such a thing? today had dinner with the family at an italian spot and for dessert they had this thingy called nutella pizza. it basically was a SUPER thin crust dough with nutella, strawberries powdered sugar on it. was actually REALLY good. makes me wonder why nobody has thought of that earlier.  Continue Reading →

12. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2433

finally….the nightmare is over. Lebron has decided to return to Cleveland and we can all get on with our lives. but first…let me throw my thoughts on this whole dealie out there..just to make it interesting.  Continue Reading →

11. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2432

so i just got off the tennis court. kind of a last minute dealie….haven’t been able to play during the week, so decided to use the machine and head to the park. luckily there were courts open so i could just jump on one and do some drills. gah…that was probably the best thing i’ve ever bought. folks started going onto the other free courts and playing…and they couldn’t help but notice me as i was running back and forth chasing the tennis balls.  Continue Reading →

10. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2431

ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today i had pretty much “Lebron”, “Carmelo” and “Bosh” on automatic refresh on twitter……will one of these mofos MAKE a decision already and shut everyone up? this is why free agency needs to be stopped. eff the players. go owners!  Continue Reading →

09. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2430

dang. how about that? one minute Germany is up by just 1…..i go and get a cookie and i come back the game is over. geez. as much as i don’t care (and believe me, i don’t), it kinda was heartbreaking seeing the Brazilian fans crying. and that kid? man that stinks. stinks to take such a brrrrrrrrrutal beating on their home field.  Continue Reading →

08. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2429

so there’s only TWO more episodes left of this season of the greatest show of all time……..24!! the return of the show (n a condensed format) brought tears of joy to MANY 24 loyalists, and so far it’s been all good. and i’m really looking forward to seeing how this thing ends. but has the season lived up to my expectations?  Continue Reading →

07. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2428

so i was ALMOST right about the wimbledon final. what a match. i ain’t mad that Djokovic won though. i like him. i just wanted Federer to once again bury Sampras in the grave. but it was a very entertaining final. that fourth set where Federer was down championship point and came all the way back was crazy. but djokovic totally earned it. it’s going to be interesting to see what happens at the US Open. Djokovic has to be the favorite….but hey…don’t sleep on Federer again. he might just surprise all of us once again. i’m of the camp this was his last hurrah…..but agassi one one more at 33 and got to a final (against fed) at 35. it can happen.  Continue Reading →

06. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2427

so after tossing and turning all night last night (stupid fireworks just kept going in my neck of the woods), i didn’t sleep too well. ended up staying in bed almost all the way to noon, when i soon forgot that there was an actual women’s wimbledon final between two gals born in the 90s (geez i’m old). apparently it was a blow out so i didn’t miss much. Continue Reading →

05. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2426

yay america. what a great day of doing nothing. woke up super late. watched some wimbledon. enjoyed the rain a bit. ate a hot dog. watched some of the twilight zone marathon. took a nap. woke up. then……  Continue Reading →

04. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2425

so in an attempt to kinda eat healthier and add more fruits into the ever rotating diet, today i ate 3 bananas. why bananas? well..i like bananas….they have potassium (no cramps!), and the fruit guy near work sells em 3 for a buck. that ain’t too shabby for me.  Continue Reading →

03. July 2014 by kevbo
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day 2424

sometimes i’m thankful that there ain’t a lot of pictures or video of me when i was a baby and growing up. i think about how some of the kids being born today, how their lives will be documented about a bajilion times more than mine…and how every day they’ll have a picture or video or something of them to look back on. i mean…..who am i to say that’s weird (ahem….this is a running blog, folks), but when i can pretty much live the memory of my youth in my brain, there’s something more romantic about that.  Continue Reading →

02. July 2014 by kevbo
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