day 2691

what a coinkydink that the day that twitter releases their Periscope app (which allows folks to live-stream anything from their mobile phone) happens on the same day that a building explodes and collapses in NYC. why is this important? because it pretty much sums up where i think we’re going with technology.  Continue Reading →

26. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2690

another day, another day of jerks on the subway. this time…..a group of kids acting all rowdy on the already delayed subway going home. i dont know what it is about jerk kids thinking they’re all cool and invincible when they’re in a group.  Continue Reading →

25. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2689

new york is great because i feel like it’s the only place in the country where it’s kind of acceptable to just be a jerk to everyone around you. in fact, if you’re not a jerk then……something might be wrong with you. case in point……  Continue Reading →

24. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2685 – 2688

uh…ain’t it about time we start paying these college basketball players? i mean, i’m all for the “spirit of competition”…just as much as the next guy…but, let’s be real here…these kids are making lots of folks a lot of money and getting nothing in return.  Continue Reading →

23. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2684

duane reade sucks. ok… they’re great at selling all kinds of stuff….i think i’ve spent a good amount of my money on their snacks to bring to work. and i’ve bought other crap from them over the years. but today? grr….i dunno if i want to shop there again (ok i probably will….but still).  Continue Reading →

20. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2683

shouldn’t a vegetarian have to eat meat on fridays during lent? wouldn’t that be an equal type of sacrifice as those meat-eaters not eating meat? hmm…..ok….maybe that’s a little extreme…but still…..shouldn’t they make an excepetion?  Continue Reading →

18. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2682

interesting news today…Nintendo has finally decided to jump into the smartphone game arena. kinda interesting that with my disdain for all these stupid mobile games that exist now, Nintendo just might be able to bring some quality games to the market. Mario Kart on an iphone? sure why not.  Continue Reading →

17. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2681

i dont get these freakin mobile games. what is wrong with you people! and whats with all them commercials trying to sell me on the idea that these are actually decent games?  Continue Reading →

16. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2678 – 2680

i hope when i get older i become a loud talker. and maybe a talker that talks a lot more. hmm…i dunno why but i find that kinda funny. i guess with old age, you pretty much give up on what other people think and just talk as loud as you want and as often as you want and whether or not anyone is listening…it won’t bother you.  Continue Reading →

15. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2677

so what’s the rule on eating with folks? are you really supposed to wait for everyone else to get their food before you eat? why is that? not that i have anything against that or anything…i’m just wondering…  Continue Reading →

13. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2676

pacquiao is gonna win because justin bieber is in floyd’s corner. what a loser.  Continue Reading →

11. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2675

uh… how does this affect Weird Al?  Continue Reading →

10. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2670 – 2674

aight… watch. it’s time to get serious. for the past few days or so i’ve been contemplating if i should actually buy this thingy…..falling prey to EXACTLY what apple wants us to fall prey to…..lusting over something you totally don’t need and that you totally have no use for, except for the fact that you’ll be able to show off to your friends that you have disposable income and questionable taste in style.  Continue Reading →

09. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2669

ok……..the clip ain’t on youtube anymore…but i’m sure you noticed when it dropped…but today the jerk at Marvel that released the new Avengers trailer turned on Youtube Stabilization and the made the entire thingy look like crap….like them letterbox black bars were jumping all over the place.  Continue Reading →

04. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2665 – 2668

so the beauty of having an Amazon Fire thingy is that you can hack the crap out of it. and by “hack” i mean “watch stuff that is already out in theaters in the comfort of your pajamas.” screw hollywood.  Continue Reading →

03. March 2015 by kevbo
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day 2664

The dress is blue and black people sheesh. Kinda funny how the world has flipped upside down over a silly social experiment. What’s funny is seeing everyone try to argue their side…it’s like one giant “no, you’re wrong!” moment. Continue Reading →

27. February 2015 by kevbo
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day 2663

so after dreaming that i would miss the mayweather-pacquiao fight somehow (no idea how), it’s become quite apparent that i’ve wrapped myself around this fight just a bit too much. but…..i just realized that there is actually no official NAME for this thingy. ya know….like “The Rumble In The Jungle” or the “Thrilla in Manilla.” that type of thing.  Continue Reading →

26. February 2015 by kevbo
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day 2662

derrick rose. sigh. ………..double sigh. i can’t believe this crap. well. i can believe it. i just dont want to believe it. i hate to say it….but i was right. the good thing is that the bulls pretty much know how to play without him. and he really wasn’t having a great year anyway.  Continue Reading →

25. February 2015 by kevbo
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day 2661

emoji. i hate them. i’ve decided that anyone that uses any emoji when conversing with me shall forever be blocked. blocked until the end of time. my response to emojis has been met with the same kind of response every single time……  Continue Reading →

24. February 2015 by kevbo
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day 2660

not much to write about today except this….  Continue Reading →

23. February 2015 by kevbo
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