day 2544

So…courtesy of the company I work for, I was treated to a special screening of that new movie with Michael Keaton called Birdman…if you haven’t heard about it check out the trailer on YouTube. Continue Reading →

30. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2543

another day, another moment of being “harassed”. okay…’s not like that gal’s video about walking 10 hours through NYC and being catcalled incessantly (although, in defense of SOME of the men…some seemed polite..she was walking around in harlem..and 10 hours??…editing much?….also…some people wouldn’t have been born if situations like that didn’t happen….but i digress…)  Continue Reading →

29. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2542

i hate to say this….but i think i’m done with Michael Jordan. don’t get me wrong, he will forever be my boyhood and teenage idol…but unfortunately, i think i’m just going to have to leave him frozen in that time period. why?  Continue Reading →

28. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2541

remember Tales From The Crypt? the classic HBO show from the late 80s and 90s? ain’t it about time they brought it back to TV? i used to love that show. maybe they just ran out of source material (there were stories based from the comics), but i think they can recreate that same vibe from back in the day and update it for a newer generation.  Continue Reading →

27. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2539-2540

booooooooooooooooo! what a perfectly scary type of day. this weekend has been, well…weird really, weather-wise. we had yesterday being a relatively warm autumn day. and now today, being a typical halloween day. makes me want to just stay in bed and read scary comics. hmm…sounds like a plan really….  Continue Reading →

26. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2538

Blah….I’m just happy this week is finally over and the weekend is here. I can relax a bit finally. Have you ever gotten to that point where nothing matters anymore except the weekend? Continue Reading →

24. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2537

so in case you haven’t seen it….recently, someone finally developed a Hoverboard….like the hoverboard in Back To The Future II. now granted it ain’t perfect and nowhere near what the movie version was like…but it is kinda cool….provided you had a boatload of money.  Continue Reading →

23. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2536

today was a momentous day. no…not because of the Ottawa shooting (whats wrong with people?)….or the guy that jumped the fence at the White House and punched two Secret Service doggies (whats wrong with people?)… but because for the first time, i used Apple Pay…and it felt like i was in the future.  Continue Reading →

22. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2535

soooooooooooooo full……i’m starting to get the feeling that this Hello Fresh dealie is going to turn me into a super fat slob of some sort….well….at the very least i’ll be satisfied and my tummy wont make funny sounds. but man….i just ate a very yummy steak i cooked and i feel like passing out right now.  Continue Reading →

21. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2534

there was a Twilight Zone episode back in the day where this obnoxious talker is taken to task by this rich guy….the rich guy bets the other guy that he can’t go a year without talking. the talker, takes him up on the bet. and what happens is pretty interesting (i won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to check it out…’s called The Silence).  Continue Reading →

20. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2533

yaaaaawn. man i’m so tired.  Continue Reading →

19. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2532

today i ate a giant plate of pancakes…and then decided to try and play some tennis to work it off…and furthermore, tried to eat some kind of dinner. so as you can see i’m super tired right now.  Continue Reading →

18. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2531

One of the first things that tourists notice when they visit NYC is just how fast everybody walks. I can attest to this. And while i personally think I’m a “normal” speed walker, I walk faster than most folks. Continue Reading →

17. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2530

i’m done with Tim Cook. seriously……that’s it.   Continue Reading →

16. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2529

really random story on the train today. was sitting there just minding my own business…people watching like normally. when this guy got onto the train. dressed in a suit…probably like….near 60 years old. and he was standing there with one hand holding the pole…and the other one holding a very big Victoria’s Secret bag.  Continue Reading →

15. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2528

um…..summer? again? gah. thinking that the weather would be “normal autumn” today i decided to wear something a little heavier than normal (long sleeve shirt). boy was that a mistake. just got back and i’m sweating.  Continue Reading →

14. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2527

am i scared of ebola? naaaah. not really. i’m more afraid of terrorism i think. but ya know what i’m even MORE afraid of than both of them deals?  Continue Reading →

13. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2526

when i was younger i used to give tennis lessons. it was an easy summer gig. but it was super hard to do when you have adults who don’t want to listen to you. whats even more annoying is when the adults don’t even try to listen to you. i’ll never forget one guy who refused to listen to me until i nearly hit him with a ball at the net at full speed. good thing he didn’t sue me.  Continue Reading →

12. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2524-2525

ok Hello Fresh….you messed up this time. tonight’s recipe was Shepherd’s Pie…but because of the fact that i grew up with my mom’s shepherd’s pie, that includes LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOADDDSS of mashed potatoes…just how exactly was tonight’s shepherd’s pie supposed to compare when you provide two MEASLEY potatoes? grr..  Continue Reading →

11. October 2014 by kevbo
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day 2523

cooked some white bean thingy tonight…….uh…..musical fruit? hmm….  Continue Reading →

09. October 2014 by kevbo
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